With her heaven-sent wisdom and Irish wit, life coach and business owner Sally Hanan has spent more than twenty years helping Christians who feel as if they are lost and have no purpose. Let her lead you into the life of clarity, purpose, and meaning you were designed to have.

Also a lay counselor, Sally has helped hundreds of men and women heal their pasts and maximize their futures. Coach Yourself is her highly anticipated third workbook designed to help you find yourself and figure out what you want to do with your life.

Featuring her characteristic mix of weighty insight, wit, and thought-provoking questions written to challenge and inspire you, each chapter of Coach Yourself opens with personal stories and insight Hanan has gained as a nurse, mother, business owner, and life coach. Each chapter ends with someone’s life story or journey to encourage you (including one by Shawn Bolz of Bolz Ministries).

Sally has a simple yet profound style of writing that speaks straight to the heart to get Christians thinking about their life purposes from a variety of perspectives. These assessments and interactive exercises are designed to help men and women gain more confidence, find direction, navigate change, and pursue their dreams.

From her temporary stint driving for rideshare companies to writing a letter to her father before he died to figuring out how she would have designed her kids if she were God, Sally weaves her own and others’ stories together beautifully. With her raw honesty and passion for fullness, she energizes women and men to see their worth, find their purposes, and pursue their goals so they can live every moment fully alive.

Because this is in workbook form, it can be adapted for use in small groups, with a mentor, or in workshops.

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