If you have been looking for affordable Christian counseling and turning up short, use this Christian self-help workbook as your counseling guide instead.

Maybe you’re tired of being so easily triggered, you’re hurting those you love, and you desperately want to be a better person. Perhaps you’re losing hope of ever changing. Fix Yourself is a workbook designed to help heal your heart and mind in God’s presence so that you can receive your emotional healing (sometimes called inner healing or SOZO) through this biblical approach to self-help and spiritual growth.

You can talk to God, trust God, and have a relationship with God–his greatest desire–throughout this book. Each exercise encourages you to reflect on God’s truth and then apply it to gain your emotional healing. You’ll identify the walls between you and God and gently take them down, break off the shame from believing you’re not good enough, listen to what God says about you, understand how to extend forgiveness to yourself and those who’ve hurt you, and figure out how to love yourself deeply and unconditionally. You’ll learn how to see yourself the way God sees you and come away knowing that God is good.

In Jesus you will find everything you need to forgive yourself and no longer feel stuck or confused. Instead, you can brim with confidence and self-esteem. This book will help take you there, or at least help begin the journey.

This eBook is endorsed by Shawn Bolz, Bob Hazlett, Bill Vanderbush, and Jerame and Miranda Nelson. Because it is in workbook form, it can be adapted for use in small groups, with a mentor, or in workshops.

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