I’ve been working on my audiobook. It’s all recorded, apart from a few sentences I need to rerecord, which I’ll do once I get the book back from the guy doing all the sound mastering — hubby.

I think it sounds pretty good, although it’s hard to speak with exactly the same accent, pitch, and speed or slowness for every character through 82,000 words.

I’m updating to Findaway Voices so that I can distribute wide, which means I won’t only be distributing it through Audible. I hope to have it all good to go by mid-October, although based on what hubby is saying, it might be closer to the end of the month, especially as the poor man has to get a root canal next week….

Anyhoo … here is the first chapter!

Written by : Sally Hanan

Sally Hanan is an Irish author and editor who currently lives in Texas.

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